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Kazza Kookaburra

Kazza Kookaburra

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Kazza the Kookaburra,  a sweet reminder of your loved ones, this 16 inch tall keepsake kookaburra teddy is a great way to remember special memories. Crafted with felt details and made with loved ones clothing, it’s a perfect way to keep your memories close.




Memory Teddy Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does each Teddy take?

Please allow (4-6) weeks once I received your clothing/items

  • Where are you located?

I am in Secret Harbour Wa

  • How many items of clothing do I need?

Most  Teddies require a minimum (6) Baby items or (1) Men's shirt or equivalent in fabric

  • What type of fabrics can I use?

Almost every fabric is able to be used with the exception of loose knits
100% cottons and T-shirt Jersey materials are most popular

  •   What if I don't have enough fabric?

If you are unable to send enough items/fabric, no problems! I have a massive selection of my own fabrics that we can pair or we can even find the perfect fabrics together.
For example, favorite sports teams, flowers, animals and colours can all be paired with loved ones clothing to create a unique Teddy.

Extra costs may incur

  • Can I request a custom Animal?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage it! If I can find a pattern, I'm more than happy to do it

  • How do I get my items to you? 

Either posting or drop off directly to me in Secret Harbour WA

  • What happens to my items once they are with you?

Trusting a stranger with your precious items can be hard! But please rest assured they are very well looked after in my care.
Once I receive the clothing/items, they are kept in their own, labeled , fabric storage cubes until they are ready to be used.
Most fabrics are reinforced with interfacing, making them a bit more durable and stable for their next life (denim, thick cottons and thick knits are not interfaced. Thick knits do produce a chubbier bear)
They are then cut and sewn into your new teddy, ready to come back home
Please note: I do not wash items, unless requested

  •  Rush Orders & Christmas

I unfortunately do not offer rush orders at this stage but teddies for Angel Baby families and Young Children who have lost a parent, take priority

Christmas is a super busy time for all, if you are intending to have a teddy made in time for Christmas, please order by October.
I can not guarantee your order will be ready in time if ordered after October

  •  What happens after I order?

After your order is confirmed, i will send you an email with all further details, including my address. Please make sure to include a valid email address at checkout

  •  I am local, am I able to pickup?

Yes absolutely. If wanting to pickup from Flossy & Co directly, all postage fees will be refunded. Alternatively you can use the code PICKUP at checkout to erase shipping fees

  •  Can my teddy be weighted to birth weight?

Unfortunately I can not offer weighted items due to my insurance but I can add a zip to the back of some teddies if you wish to DIY

  •  Do you make quilts or blankets?

At this stage I am not offering quilts and blankets but hoping to in the future

Pattern Credit:
Funky Friends Factory

If you have any questions, queries or needing assistance regarding Flossy & Co's Memory Range, I am always available at




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